We’re Really Doing It!


new farmer storyIn our home, we often quote the likes of Tommy Callahan, Ignacio (Nacho Libre) and Lloyd Christmas. These days we’ve been quoting Lloyd frequently: “We’re really doing it though, aren’t we buddy?

We’re really doing it! The website is up. The brochures have been printed. The seeds have been ordered. And the Arcadia Farms Community is starting to form as families in Southwest Michigan hear our message and start to join. This is an exciting time for us! I’m optimistic that we’re going to have a bountiful harvest this season as we put our experience and knowledge to work for the Arcadia Farms Community.

Still, let’s be clear about something: We know what we’re doing, but we’re no experts. Yet what we lack in pedigree we more than make up for in enthusiasm, determination and eagerness to learn. Arcadia Farms is our grand experiment in sustainable living. We’re constantly absorbing knowledge and skills from the real experts, learning as we go. I believe wholeheartedly that our adventures (and likely misadventures a time or two) in market gardening will result in products and services and a pattern for living that will enrich many, including our own family. I can’t wait to share our winter-composting and greenhouse designs with you. I can’t wait to start seedlings. I can’t wait for watering and even weeding. I can’t wait to walk out into the garden this July and take in all of the sights and smells of the garden in the height of summer. I can’t wait to deliver our first basket of veggies. But what I’m looking forward to most about this adventure is the opportunity to chronicle our growth and share the journey here with you. We’re really doing it – and you’re invited to join us!

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