Eat Healthy

Our micro-farm exists to provide an avenue for our family to develop a lifestyle of sustainable living, as well as to share information about and products of that lifestyle with our community. (For a more detailed explanation of the how and why to live sustainably, click here.) We believe that sustainable living results in health – for wallets, bodies and communities.

This page is our attempt to provide you with an organized collection of resources for eating healthy. For more info on how to save money and buy local, check out our Tips page by clicking here.


Square Foot Gardening Plant Spacing Cheat Sheet

How to Make Natural Food Dye (And Why To Avoid Artificial Dye)

Homemade Cracker Recipe

10 Ways to Eat Zinnias

Homemade, Natural Bread Recipe (Saves money too!)

Homemade Vanilla Extract (No more artificial!)

How To Make Your Own Broth

How to Manage a Cold Frame

Hotbeds for Winter Growing

 Optimum Transplant Age for Seedlings