Eat Healthy. Save Money. Buy Local.

Woman with basket of vegetablesOur micro-farm exists to provide an avenue for our family to develop a lifestyle of sustainable living, as well as to share information about and products of that lifestyle with our community. Here’s our definition of sustainable living: A system of living that maintains its own viability by seeking to optimize the use of naturally and locally available resources, often including reuse. It’s a lifestyle where families become producers rather than consumers only and that can go on unhindered without unnatural and non-local resources. Sustainable living requires stewardship of natural resources and habitats. (For a more detailed explanation of the how and why to live sustainably, click here.)

We believe that sustainable living results in health – for wallets, bodies and communities. This Tips page is our attempt to provide you with an organized collection of resources for eating healthy, saving money and buying local. Click on any of the topics below to be taken to a topic-specific list of resources like recipes, how-to videos, instructions, suppliers, sources, books and more!

Eat Healthy

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