Chicken Breeds I’d Like to Own

Wish List Wednesday | Chicken Breeds I’d Like to Own Welcome to another Wish List Wednesday! Though most of us are stuck in a deep freeze, this is the season to be thinking about little baby chickens arriving in time for spring. (Learn more about the how-to’s and benefits of backyard chickens here.) Because it’s chick-shopping season, this month’s Wish List Wednesday is focused on chicken breeds I’d love to own. Blue Orpington Blue orpingtons are as docile and friendly […]

Books I’d Like to Read This Year

Wish List Wednesday |Books I’d Like to Read This Year Last year I made a New Year’s resolution to read one non-fiction book per month. I bought a lot of great books but failed to actually follow through with reading them all. This year I’m not exactly making the same goal, but I do want to create a mini library of interesting books to sample this year. Who knows… maybe I’ll get trough them all this year. Here’s my Wish […]

Crafts I Wish I Had Time To Make

Wish List Wednesday |Crafts I Wish I Had Time to Make It’s been a while since I’ve created a Wish List Wednesday post. In the spirit of things that are long overdue, this month’s WLW post features homemade crafts and gifts I wish I had time to make. These things are so cool! They’d make great gifts for Christmas… you know… if I had time to make them. On Friday I’m going to be back to share a Christmas craft […]

Gardening Gadgets for Kids

Wish List Wednesday | Gardening Gadgets for Kids Welcome to another Wish List Wednesday! This week Owen will begin sowing seeds for his 4’ x 6’ raised garden, located next to his swing set in the backyard. Last summer I enjoyed watching him pick and share fresh cucumbers with his friends in the neighborhood (and they all enjoyed it too)! This year he’s growing sunflowers, dragon egg cucumbers and a watermelon plant. Since now is a great time for little […]

Raised Garden Bed Ideas

Wish List Wednesday | Raised Garden Beds Welcome to another Wish List Wednesday! On the third Wednesday of every month I’m sharing about all sorts of things I’d like to have, try or know more about. So far I’ve brought you lists on things from solar-powered garden gadgets to garden apps for your mobile device. To see all of my Wish List Wednesday posts so far, click here. Today’s wish list is all about raised garden beds – various ways to […]

Garden Apps Wish List

Wish List Wednesday | Garden Apps (from seed to table!) I’ll be the first to admit that there’s nothing organic or sustainable about apps for your mobile device. At first glance it may seem a little off-center that a website about living sustainably is featuring a Wish List of Android and iPhone apps, but please, hold the phone! Our take on sustainable living is a wee bit different than you might expect. In this recent post about the topic of […]

Magazines Wish List

Wish List Wednesday | Magazines Welcome to another Wish List Wednesday! When I first started sharing these posts I intended to do them every Wednesday. Then I realized it was a little obnoxious. So now I’m working on making this happen the third Wednesday of every month. While some of the items I share about may be true recommendations – products/services I’ve used and think you’d benefit from – most of these things are truly just wishes – things I’d […]

Cookbooks Wish List

Wish List Wednesday | Cookbooks It’s Wish List Wednesday. I love all of the seasonal baking and cooking that happens during this time of year, which got me thinking about cookbooks I’d like to explore. So that’s exactly what today’s post is about! Keep in mind this is truly a ‘wish list’ rather than a list of recommended resources. I can’t recommend these books because I haven’t tried (most of) them personally – but I can definitely receive them, if […]

Cooking Gadgets Wish List

Wish List Wednesday | Cooking Gadgets Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! I have so much to be thankful for! Being a lover of food, I’m looking forward to all the feasting that takes place this time of year. In honor of all the cooking that will be taking place all across America tomorrow, this week’s Wish List Wednesday includes cooking gadgets I would be thankful to own. Herb Grinder “Made from recycled steel… the herb grinder with your choice of fresh or […]

Solar-Powered Garden Gadgets

Wish List Wednesday | Solar-Powered Gadgets This time of year I’m soaking up all the rays I can on rare sunny days. It won’t be long now before the days become more gray and so I’m eager to enjoy the sunshine while it’s here. (Sing it with me… Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun, please shine down on… *ahem* I digress…) In honor of Mr. Sun before he goes into hibernation for the winter, I thought it would be fun for […]