How to Make Liquid Laundry Soap

It’s January. Lots of us are working toward goals for better living as part of a New Year’s resolution tradition. If your resolution involves saving money or living healthier (or perhaps tackling one of our easy-peasy Resolutions You Can Keep to build your confidence) you should check this out: Yesterday I made homemade liquid laundry soap. The process was just as easy and fast as when I made powdered laundry soap last year. I love that the powdered version takes […]


Guess what? I’ve been keeping a little secret (ok, a big secret) and I’m super excited to finally spill the beans! For the last several months I’ve been hard at work planning a community-wide program that revolves around our core values – saving money, eating healthy and buying local. The program is called Locavore90 and I’m thrilled to finally be able to share it with you! Locavore90 is a FREE program that challenges and equips families in Southwest Michigan to […]

Get 5 Free Strawberry Plants TODAY!

Attention all Southwest Michigan Readers! Today ONLY – if you buy at least $10 worth of merchandise at Wedel’s you can score 5 free strawberry plants! Click here for the coupon and all the details.

10 Ways to Save Money on Food

If your household is similar to ours, the grocery slice of the budget pie is sizable enough to get your attention. Most “experts” recommend budgeting 14-20% of your take home pay for food (groceries, lattes, eating at restaurants, etc.). A recent study shows however that Americans are spending less on average than ever before on groceries – 11% of income. That might sound like good news, but consider the story behind the numbers. A separate study from 2012 shows that […]

Homemade Cracker Recipe

One of the major reasons why we started Arcadia Farms was to learn to eat healthy, live sustainably and to be producers instead of consumers only. In October I announced that I would start focusing part of my attention on “homesteading” topics, including how to create your own {fill in the blank here}, save money, save energy and generally provide for yourself. I’m no expert – but I’m willing to do some experimenting so that you can benefit from what […]