Flowerfield Enterprises (The Worm Woman Story)

It’s August. That means a lot of things. It means school is coming (and all of the mothers said “Amen!”). It means summer gardens are winding down and transitioning into fall gardens. And it means that Locavore90 is coming to a close. So far this summer we’ve brought you information about sources for local, in-season produce; talked about how to preserve some of those items and shared a monthly meal plan to help you come up with unique ways to […]

Local Peach Sources

Another fruit season is underway – it’s time for Michigan peaches! I’ve spent some time looking for pesticide-free peach sources and I’m having a rough time. Molter Family Orchards has organic peaches, but only in limited quantity due to losing some to a May frost. Their CSA members get first dibs (rightly so) and they did delivery a few to the People’s Food Co-Op in downtown Kalamazoo last week. Blue Dog Family Farm also has organic peaches (“a small orchard”) […]

Local Blueberry Sources

I love blueberries. When I was growing up, my Aunt and Uncle owned a blueberry farm. In fact, my first job was picking blueberries. This also means I grew up spoiled – free blueberries, as many as I could pick. We (my family) usually picked three or four 1-gallon ice cream pails worth which would find their way into the freezer. Farm-fresh blueberries all (or, at least most) year long! The farms near my hometown are near Lake Michigan so […]

How to Can Cherries

This past Monday we picked a whole big bunch (30 pounds) of sour cherries. A whole heapin’ mess of that whole big bunch went to our CSA members, but we reserved enough to preserve a few pounds and make a yummy pie. I wish I had been able to get to it sooner (you should can your cherries as close to harvest as possible to maintain nutrients and freshness) but I was able to can them early on Thursday morning […]

Local Sour Cherries

It’s cherry season! On Monday Owen and I picked 30 pounds of beautiful sour cherries at Understory Farm and Orchard in Bangor. Understory has been under the stewardship of Chanterelle Vogtmann and Matt Steele for two seasons. According to their Facebook page: “Understory is a 20 Acre Farm and Orchard with a focus on sustainable/organic methods. Owned and operated by Matt Steele and Chanterelle Vogtmann, two Michigan natives with a shared passion for good farming and land stewardship.” We were […]

Where to Find Raw Milk

Last week I wrote about the benefits of raw milk (and the irony of the corresponding dangers of pasteurized milk.) In that post I said that I would be bringing you answers to the following questions: If it’s illegal to sell raw milk in Michigan, how am I going to (legally) get it? Where can I get raw milk? Show me the numbers – how much is it really going to cost me? What about milk from animals other than […]

Locavore90 Meal Plan: Roasted Chicken & Veggies

Can you believe June is almost over? Per the Locavore90 June Meal Plan, I made a roasted chicken and veggies yesterday. Super yummy! The meat from this chicken and the veggies will make three meals for us this week. Want to know how to stretch a roasted chicken into three meals? You can find the original recipe here, along with leftovers recipe one and recipe two. For the entire meal plan, join Locavore90 by emailing katie@arcadia-farms.net with the words “Join […]

Why Raw Milk?

Why Raw Milk?One of the commitments our family made as part of the Locavore90 challenge is to find local sources for our meat, eggs and dairy. This week I had the privilege of speaking with several local dairy farmers as part of my search for the right source of our family’s milk. As I began thinking through our personal dairy needs I started asking myself a bunch of questions, like… Should we even be drinking milk? Why is it again […]

Making Strawberry Jam for Dummies

Why can’t my life be simple? Let me preface this post by saying that, when all was said and done, I ended up with delicious, beautiful, properly-thick strawberry jam. If you’re here looking simply for instructions on how to do the same – without the ‘dummy’ narrative surrounding the process – you’ll want to scroll to the end of this post. Look for the heading that says Strawberry Jam Recipe. If you’d like to learn a little about what not […]

How to Freeze Whole Strawberries

Freezing strawberries is easy peasy but there are a couple of steps you can take to optimize the outcome. The method I used works best for freezing whole strawberries. Timing is key too – try to freeze them as close to the time they are harvested as possible in order to retain nutrients and taste. Here’s the scoop on freezing whole strawberries: Rinse the berries in cool water – don’t leave them in the water for too long or you’ll […]