How to Harvest, Cure and Store Garlic

It’s garlic time! This is the first year that I’ve kept all of the garlic I have grown, so this is also the first year that I will be curing and storing garlic. I’m very excited that have been able to grow all that  we’ll need for the next year. Garlic is super easy to grow and it’s pretty straightforward to harvest and store. Here are all the details. When to Harvest Garlic In Michigan garlic is usually harvested in […]

6 Ways to Cook Garlic Scapes

What Are Garlic Scapes Garlic scapes are the stalks and flower buds of hardneck garlic plants. In early summer, gardeners remove the scape so that the plants can focus energy on producing a larger bulb rather than creating a flower. To harvest, use a sharp knife to cut the stalk where it emerges from the base of the plant. How to Store Garlic Scapes You can refrigerate your scapes (in a paper bag) for up to a month. You can […]

Seed Starting Resources

Those of us who live in cooler climates and who want to get a jump-start on the growing season have been thinking about seed-starting recently. Last winter I shared several informative posts about how and when to start seeds. This winter I thought it would be beneficial to present all of those resources to you in one easy-access post. So without further ado – here are some of my favorite resources for seed starting. Arcadia Farms Seed Starting Plans Here’s […]

Potato Experiment Results

Back in April I wrote this post about planting experimental potatoes. They were experimental in that they are: Planted from spouting (organic) spuds we purchased at the grocery store. Planted (mostly) in hay. Planted outside the fence, intermingled with garlic in hopes that the deer will be deterred by the garlicky smell. Today I spent the better part of the evening digging up these experimental potatoes and I’m pleased to report that they are amazing! Even better than the potatoes […]

Planting Experimental Potatoes

Since it didn’t snow yesterday (yes!) I spent some time planting potatoes and lettuce in the main garden. Lettuce will go in under plastic row covers in some of our narrow beds (2′ x 12′), along with spinach which overwintered and is already growing. I’m scheduled to plant lettuce in two additional narrow beds on the hugelkultur side of the garden… the problem is, they’ve not yet been built. (This past December we put in 4′ x 12′ hugelkultur beds […]

Baby, it’s (almost) cold outside!

It’s fall. Big time. Temperatures are dropping along with brown and orange leaves. The tomato plants are bending beneath the weight of green fruit hoping for enough time. (I’ll be picking them before we get frost.) The zucchini, cucumbers and beans are all distant memories. And all I can think about is sowing seeds. Yes, that’s right, sowing seeds. Today I planted seeds in the main garden and before the weekend is over, I’ll have planted many more. Why? Because […]