Container Gardening Tips

The more I learn about sustainable living, the more convinced I become that everyone can grow fresh food at home. Not everyone can have the same 1,500 square feet of garden space that we have here at Arcadia Farms, but even renters and apartment dwellers can grow a significant amount of food in a container garden. Container gardening is also a great place for reluctant homeowners to start. If you’re convinced that growing some of your own food would be […]

Planting Herbs in Upcycled Tin Cans

This winter I shared with you that I want a beautiful, traditionally styled, super-sized tea garden full of straight-up tea plant (Camellia sinensis) hedges and oodles of herbs. Despite my grandest dreams, our micro-farm only has room for a micro tea garden. So instead of having something like this… I’m going to have something like this… I’ll be growing herbs for tea in upcycled tin cans which will hang from the posts of our garden fence. I’m also hoping to […]

A Micro Tea Garden

I want a tea garden. And by ‘tea garden’, I mean a garden with hedges made of true tea plants (Camellia sinensis) and tea-worthy herbs that I can harvest at my leisure (<— said with my best British accent) then steep for a delicious homemade tea minutes later. On top of that, I wouldn’t mind sitting in the midst of all those beautiful hedges and herbs while I sip said tea. The ideal tea garden would be very near my […]


For the last several weeks I’ve had a nerdishly exciting time picking out seeds for Arcadia Farms’ 2012 crops. In order to successfully implement our succession planting strategy, I have an elaborate spreadsheet that provides the optimum start and transplant dates to meet my harvest date goals. Last Saturday was our very first seed-starting date so Owen and I joyful started broccoli, cabbage and some herbs. Since my blogging-promise is to bring you along on our journey, I knew that […]