My Favorite Companion Planting Combos

One of the most popular pages on the Arcadia Farms website is my guide to Square Foot Gardening plant spacing. Maybe as far back as a year ago a reader suggested that I also create a guide to companion planting. Companion planting is the practice of growing crops in close proximity to take advantage of beneficial relationships between specific plants… and it is one of the cornerstones of health in my garden. Some of the known companion planting relationships can […]

2014 Main Garden Plan

Welcome to 2014! I’ve decided to ring in the new year by sharing my 2014 garden plans with you. For those of you who are unfamiliar, our farm consists of two principal gardens: The Main Garden and the Fenceline Garden. Today I’m going to be sharing the Main Garden plan. This year is certainly a transition for us because it is the first year we’ll have a giant garden but no CSA. The planning was made simpler by my established […]

Pastured Poultry in Paddocks

Though the iconic mental picture most of us get when it comes to raising chickens is the standard coop and run, there are many methods for raising chickens. Here’s a quick overview of your options: Coop and Run. A dwelling for the chickens with an attached, enclosed cage allowing the birds some outdoor space. Chicken Tractor. A small but moveable pen which is rotated around a pasture, usually every week. Truly Free Range. Allowing birds to find their own food, […]

Shady Vegetable Garden Plans

A few weeks ago I shared on our Facebook page that I was getting excited about ordering seeds for 2013. Our friend and CSA customer Joli Lorion-Fytczyk commented asking about what sorts of plants to grow in a shaded yard. What a wonderful question! She got me thinking about what types of things they could grow at home. If you have a heavily shaded yard, these tips could help you too. So what can you grow in shade? Here are […]