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Wish List Wednesday | Solar-Powered Gadgets

This time of year I’m soaking up all the rays I can on rare sunny days. It won’t be long now before the days become more gray and so I’m eager to enjoy the sunshine while it’s here. (Sing it with me… Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun, please shine down on… *ahem* I digress…) In honor of Mr. Sun before he goes into hibernation for the winter, I thought it would be fun for our first Wish List Wednesday to feature solar-powered gadgets. Here are a few useful, green gadgets I’d love to have around the farm.

Sun Table

“Place Sun Table in a sunny outdoor location and it automatically stores energy. Run laptops, cellphones, lights, radios, water purifiers, and more. With the included inverter, you have a regular wall outlet.”

Source: via Arcadia on Pinterest


Plant Mate

“It’s a set of spikes you jab into the ground, each of them powered by the sun, each of them made to relay information to you about the moisture and nutrient levels of the soil, as well as sun exposure and temperatures the plants are receiving.”


Solar-Powered Battery Charger

“This unit will charge four equivalent D C AA AAA sized batteries at any one time. It includes an adjustable stand to assist in positioning for the best angle toward the sun. Can also be used indoors when placed in direct sunlight through a south-facing window. Bright sunlight is not necessary for this unit to work properly, but it obviously works faster when available. Overcast days are fine but it increases the time necessary to recharge the batteries completely.”

Source: via Arcadia on Pinterest


Hand-Crank/Solar-Powered Weather Radio, Flashlight and Charging Station

“The WR-111A is a Digital AM/FM NOAA Weather Alert Radio, a powerful 3 LED flashlight, and cell phone, MP3, MP4, Amazon Kindle™, Apple Ipod™, Ipad™, IPhone™ (Note: Does not support the iPhone5) and USB charger, all in one portable package.

The ADVENTURER is a five way charger – charge from a USB device (computer), AC or wall power (with optional converter), DC or car charger (with optional converter), hand crank, or solar panel. The Ambient Weather WR-111A is a radio that you and your family can depend on, anytime, anywhere, any weather.”

Source: via Arcadia on Pinterest


Solar-Powered LED Lantern

“d.light S10 is a bright and durable replacement for flashlights, battery-powered lanterns, candles, and kerosene lanterns. It is 3 to 5 times brighter than a kerosene lantern, and is built to survive tough conditions, including accidental drops onto hard mud or concrete, rainshowers, and intense heat and dust.”

Source: via Arcadia on Pinterest


Hybrid, Robo-Lawn Mower

“Automower® Solar Hybrid is the world’s first fully automatic lawn mower that is partly powered by the sun. Brilliant for your lawn, great for your conscience, better for the planet.”


Solar Powered Path Lights

“Homebrite’s constant innovation led to the development of their Super Bright Technology, delivering intense brightness with the energy-saving, cost-effective use of solar technology. From solar path lights to solar stepping stones and rock spotlights, Homebrite’s products will provide safety and energy-efficiency to your favorite outdoor spaces.”


Solar-Powered Water Pump

“Tired of low water pressure from your rain barrel? The solar powered rain barrel pump system provides pressurized pumping through a garden hose with no electrical outlet required. High powered system pumps up to 100 gallons on a single charge. There’s no need to elevate your rain barrel to extract the water or install expensive electrical pumps. Solar energy pumps with enough force to work for all your watering needs including sprinklers and other watering activities.”


Easy Bloom 1000 Plant Sensor

“The EasyBloom Plant Sensor helps you grow a perfect garden without the guesswork. Is this corner too hot, too dark, or too dry? Instead of wondering which plants will thrive where, know for sure with EasyBloom. This ingenious in-ground sensor reads and analyzes growing conditions in specific spots inside your home or yard, including sunlight, temperature, humidity, soil moisture and drainage. It even uses the same technology used on NASA’s Mars mission to measure the soil. Plug it into your computer and watch as it turns readings into recommendations, listing plants sure to flourish in your exact environment.”

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