Raised Garden Bed Ideas


Wish List Wednesday | Raised Garden Beds

Welcome to another Wish List Wednesday! On the third Wednesday of every month I’m sharing about all sorts of things I’d like to have, try or know more about. So far I’ve brought you lists on things from solar-powered garden gadgets to garden apps for your mobile device. To see all of my Wish List Wednesday posts so far, click here.

Today’s wish list is all about raised garden beds – various ways to build them, along with some snazzy accessories to make garden more enjoyable. I’m a big fan of raised beds. To learn more about the advantages of gardening in raised beds, read the Try Square Foot Gardening section of this article.

Raised Bed Ideas

Herb Spiral Made with 2 x 4’s

raised bed herb spiral

Use a Living Hedge

For those of us who grew up in the 80’s – LOOK – we can now have a grown-up cabbage patch!

living hedge

$10 Raised Beds – Made from Cedar!!

10 dollar cedar bed

Straw-Bale Raised Beds Have Unique Advantages

straw bale raised bed

Raised Garden Bed Braces

raised garden bed braces

Woven-Willow Raised Beds

These are natural and beautiful. You can find tutorials online for making your own.

woven willow raised beds

Charming Stacked-Stone Garden Beds

stacked stone raised beds

Raised Beds from Landscape Timbers

These are simple to make. Be sure to avoid treated lumber as it may leach chemicals into your soil.

stacked landscape timber raised bed

Stair-Step Beds for Small Spaces

stair step bed small spaces

Raised Beds Made From Pallets (Idea #1)

raised garden bed pallets 1

Raised Beds Made From Pallets (Idea #2)

raised garden bed ideas

Cinder Blocks – Super Easy

Try planting marigolds or smelly herbs in the spaces inside the blocks to deter pests. Please also be mindful that some people say cement beds may cause your soil to be slightly alkaline over time.

raised garden bed ideas

Re-Use Broken Concrete for Your Raised Garden Bed

Any demolition going on in your area? I bet the contractors would let you haul away busted-up concrete for free!

raised garden bed ideas

Sheet Metal Edging

raised garden bed ideas

Rain Gutter Garden

If you don’t want them on your house, try hanging them on a shed or even an existing wooden raised garden.

raised garden bed ideas

Water Trough Converted to Raised Bed

raised garden bed ideas

Wine (Box) and a Salad Raised Mini-Beds

raised garden bed ideas

Cold Frames and Mini-Green Houses

Flip-Top Mini Greenhouse

raised garden bed ideas

Inexpensive Mini-Greenhouse

It sits right on top of your raised bed!

raised garden bed ideas

Cold Frame – Elliot Coleman Style

raised garden bed ideas

Enclosed Bed and Fence Combo

I know it’s not a cold frame or a greenhouse, but the design of this garden inspires me to think that you could create module polythene panels to attach when the weather gets cool. A girl can dream, right? (Plus it keeps the deer out!)

raised garden bed ideas

Raised Bed Accessories

Store Your Tools In a Mailbox

Cute and clever!

raised garden bed ideas

Have a Seat (And Move it Around!)

raised garden bed ideas


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