My McConfession {A Locavore90 Update}


Jute shopping bag with groceries IILocavore90 officially started this past Sunday, June 2. Locavore90 (hereafter lovingly referred to as L90) is a free program that helps Southwest Michigan families incorporate more local food into their diet. I’m excited about leading the L90 participants on this adventure of finding, buying and eating local foods during the summer months! But… with our lives changing so dramatically during the last month (we recently became a foster family for the first time) I must confess that I am not nearly as prepared for this adventure as I had hoped to be.

Best Laid Plans

My plan was to spend two to three weeks prior to the Locavore90 kick off sourcing local staples like dairy, meat and eggs. After buying these things in bulk, I’d be set to simply incorporate ‘local’ veggies from our own garden (or the farmers market in some cases) into our meals. Top all of that off with buying bulk amounts of in-season produce for canning and I’d be living in Locavore bliss!

Enter life…

Instead of spending those two to three weeks getting my resources (food!) together, I spent that time figuring out how to incorporate another little one into our home and address all of the family challenges that come with such a huge change.

Enter guilt…

Originally our family’s Locavore90 Commitments involved eating 100% local food for 90 days. A lofty goal, but a blog-worthy one as well – one that could be tackled with advanced planning. Since that advanced planning didn’t happen, we’ve been eating some local foods this week, but our diet has certainly not been exclusively local during Week 1.

Enter my confession… My McConfession…

Not only has the majority of our food this week been from Meijer, but… ahem… we… umm… have eaten at a restaurant twice. Even once at… the big dirty McD. [hangs her head in shame.] Not. Local.

It’s time for me to face the music: Managing a 100% local-only diet for our entire family was going to be challenging enough, but based on where we are in life, it’s just not going to happen. Our commitments are going to have to change… good thing I signed that L90 prenup…

Our New Locavore90 Commitments

Here’s the new plan (Our Locavore90 Commitments)

  1. Two times per week our meals will be comprised exclusively of food raised within 100 miles of our home. Exceptions to the 100 mile rule will be made for cooking and baking supplies (flour, baking soda, oil, spices, etc.), condiments, coffee and tea. On other days we will incorporate local foods as often as practicable.
  2. By the end of August, we will have selected an ongoing local source for our dairy, eggs and meat.
  3. Each month we will select at least two in-season produce items to buy in bulk and preserve.

So there it is… my dirty little L90 secret. I told you I’d keep it real! And next week I hope to focus both my personal L90 efforts and the posts of this blog on finding local sources for dairy products and strawberries. (I sense strawberries and cream on the horizon.) Finding local sources for eggs, meat and other eating staples will follow soon!

How is your family doing so far with your Locavore90 Commitments? I’d love to hear about the commitments you’ve made since each family will be so different. Anyone found great sources for local foods? Have you tried the meal plan? Let me know what you’re up to both here in the comments section or in our Facebook support group (Locavore90 Community):

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