Local Blueberry Sources


blueberriesI love blueberries. When I was growing up, my Aunt and Uncle owned a blueberry farm. In fact, my first job was picking blueberries. This also means I grew up spoiled – free blueberries, as many as I could pick. We (my family) usually picked three or four 1-gallon ice cream pails worth which would find their way into the freezer. Farm-fresh blueberries all (or, at least most) year long!

The farms near my hometown are near Lake Michigan so the blueberry season didn’t really kick off until the beginning of August. This correlation was so engrained in me (August = Blueberry Season) that for nearly a decade of living in Kalamazoo I missed out on blueberries. (Round about the second or third week of August I would think “I should probably pick some blueberries” and they would be all-but-gone.)

Last year I finally remembered to pick blueberries in July. But after so many years of free blueberries, I was completely, utterly disturbed when I coughed up cash for blueberries at Leduc Blueberries last year. (I don’t even remember what I paid – but it wasn’t free!)

This year we had a our own, first-ever crop of blueberries! While it was exciting to pick blueberries from my own garden, the berries totaled about a pint when all was said and done. Clearly this is not going to satisfy my blueberry needs for the year. Instead, I headed off to Bangor, Michigan and picked 21 pounds of berries from Schemenauer Blueberries. The owner, Luka Schemenauer, happens to be the same guy who helped us dig the pits for our hugelkultur beds last December. These berries are not pesticide free, but they are inexpensive – $1/pound. All of the berries are U-Pick and the farm is “open” 24/7!

Conventionally-Grown Blueberries

Schemenauer Blueberries

24/7 U-Pick!

1 Mile North of M-43 on 54th

Bangor, MI 49013


Harvey’s U-Pick Farm

Contact Farm for U-Pick Hours (usually 8 AM to 6 PM)

2651 15 Mile Road

Tekonsha, MI 49092




Naturally-Grown Blueberries

Looking for pesticide-free blueberries? Check out what I found – naturally-grown, pesticide-free berries for the same great $1/pound price at Kendall’s Blueberries! Maybe I’ll mosey over that way sometime this week… you can never have too many blueberries, you know!

Kendall’s Blueberries

Mon – Sun:  8:00 AM through 8:00 PM

2124 Coburn Road

Hastings, MI 49058




If Kendall’s isn’t an option for you, here are some other choices for naturally-grown berries. But hurry – it’s practically August and blueberries won’t last much longer… trust me!

Pleasant Hill Blueberries (Certified Organic)

Hours: By Appointment

5859 124th Avenue

Fennville, MI 49048




Understory Farm & Orchard

Open whenever the sun is up!

28120 County Road 215 (54th Street)

Bangor, MI 49013

Chanterelle 1-269-808-7773 Matt 1-810-701-6522


Contact Farm for Prices

Big Head Farm

Hours: Contact farm for U-Pick Hours

3835 Pier Road

Benton Harbor, MI 49022



Contact farm for prices

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