It’s Been One Year


One year ago today I walked away from this office (it wasn’t always this empty)…


And came home to this one…

cucuzzi 3

One year ago today I traded Saturday afternoon voicemails like this…

Click to hear voicemail from Owen

For moments like this…

hugelkultur bed

Owen is helping me put the hoops in place for our row cover.

One year ago today I traded a secure management position and salary with lots of zeros on the end for the uncertainty of creating something new (out of dirt, no less!) and making just enough to keep my startup hobby-turned-business from going into the red as it gains momentum.

Thank God for my supportive, encouraging, hard-working husband and others who recognized the value in my transition.

A few weeks ago I received an encouraging email from myself… sent from what now is the past into what at the time was the future. (You can do the same thing by using The email chronicled how much I love the people I worked for but also how ready I was for a slower-paced lifestyle. The email closed with this: “You made the right decision. You did a great thing. You made a dream come true and left behind a world of tail-chasing turmoil. Thank you for wanting more out of life than $[insert salary here] a year can buy.” Don’t get me wrong – sometimes I miss being able to buy whatever I want. But I’ve experienced first-hand that you can’t put a price on peace.

Farming is all about seasons. Life is that way too, although seasons stretch beyond the confines of months and weather patterns. Some are short. Some are long. All of them, eventually, end. Today-Me is so grateful that One-Year-Ago-Me didn’t try to force life – my career, my health, my family, my identity – past it’s seasonal boundaries. In my 8-year season as an HR Director, I loved my work and the work-family I served. I thought for sure that I would feel torn and nostalgic after leaving. In reality, I’ve not had even one day of looking back longingly. No one is more surprised than me.

When I look back on that season of my life, I feel lots of things, but regret is never one of them. Life, like food, is best in season. And in this season, right here is where I’m meant to be. Thanks for being such a huge part (yes, YOU, dear reader!) of enabling me to bloom where I’m planted.

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