How to Make Homemade Almond Extract


homemade almond extractLife, according to my belly, can be categorized into the following seasons: Soup season, grilling season, roasting season and baking season. We, dear friends, are in the heart of baking season! Our household has no concept of portion control loves good food. And while I can’t say that the food we eat is always good for us (it’s hard to claim that cake is healthy) we do strive to make everything with natural, wholesome ingredients.

That’s why last year I kicked our artificial baking supplies to the curb. No sprinkles, no colored sugar, no artificial food dye and no artificial flavorings. The flavorings were the most difficult to part with. Fortunately I learned to make homemade vanilla extract. It’s actually quite economical, all-natural and super tasty! When we ran out mid-year I made a second batch and also created some orange extract (which I’ve yet to actually use). So far, having homemade vanilla extract on hand has met my flavoring needs… save for one: Almond.

I miss almond flavoring.

There are some things that just need an amaretto-esqe touch.

Why is it then that it has taken me all of this time to think of making my own? (Silly me!) I wish I had started this a month ago so I’d have homemade almond extract in time for Christmas goodies.

At any rate, making almond extract (or any extract, for that matter) is so easy! Here’s the recipe:

Homemade Almond Extract

12 raw almonds
3/4 cup vodka

If the almonds still contain skin, peel them carefully with a sharp knife (skin can create a bitter taste). Chop the almonds into small pieces. You want to increase the surface space that comes into contact with the vodka because it will result in more flavor. Place the almonds in a glass jar or container. Pour the vodka over the almonds, secure the lid and shake. Store in a dark, cool place for at least 1 month before using. Shake occasionally. (Note: I made a double batch.)

homemade almond extract

Making homemade almond extract is easy: Just chop some peeled almonds and add vodka! This batch looks a little cloudy because I shook it right before I took the picture.

how to make homemade extract

Homemade orange, almond and vanilla extracts snuggled together in a cupboard. (They get along well…)

Also, higher quality vodka will produce higher quality extract (go figure). We used a $20 bottle of vodka for our first batch and were pleased with the results. (You could certainly spend more). For the second batch we used a cheaper ($10) bottle and the results were so-so. We’ll use them either way! How about you – do you think you’d use homemade extract? What about giving some as a gift?

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