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moonique dairy cows kriannmon

Dairy cows from Moo-nique
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Kriannmon on Flickr

Today I wanted give you a brief peek into a sweet conversation that recently happened at our house.

Owen has been experiencing some growing pains lately. I heard once that a dose of extra calcium can help to soothe growing pains, so I always offer him a glass of milk. Maybe it’s an old wives tale… maybe it’s all in his head… but he usually calms down and goes to sleep afterwards.

The other night at bedtime I was laying down with him and he said “Mom, can I have a glass of milk?”

“We’re all out” I replied.

“Can’t you just go to the store and get some?” he asked.

“No, because in a couple of days we’re going to get more and it would be wasteful to spend extra money on milk from the store when we’re already paying for milk from the farm, especially since it’s kind of expensive.”

He paused for a moment.

“Umm… Mom? Wouldn’t it make more sense to buy milk from the store?”

“What do you mean?” I asked. “Do you mean ‘Wouldn’t it cost less money?'”

“Yeah!” he replied “Couldn’t you save money and just get our milk from the store? Wouldn’t that be better?”

“Well, yes, it would cost less money” I said, “but it wouldn’t be better. Here are a couple of things.

First, we can’t buy the kind of milk we get from our cow at the farm at the store. The milk at the store is not as healthy because it’s boiled to really hot temperatures and then cooled back down again. But the thing is, when you boil milk like that, it kills a lot of the nutrients and it actually changes it chemically until really… it’s not milk anymore.”


“Really. Also, the milk at the store comes from a kind of cow that isn’t healthy. It has something in its body that makes the milk unhealthy for us. But the milk we drink comes from healthy cows.”

“And guess what else? The milk at the store is something called homogenized which means all the cream is mixed in. With the milk we get from the farm, the cream isn’t all mixed in so I can skim it off and save it. Did you know that I’ve been saving cream to make butter and ice cream?”

He licked his lips. His eyes asked me to go on.

“The thing is, the milk we drink is more expensive than the milk at the store, but that’s because it’s healthier and the farmers who take care of our cow have to do a lot of work to make it healthier. They have to take really good care of the cows and make sure the milk comes from the right kind of cows.”

He was quiet for a while.

Then he popped out of bed and exclaimed “Give those farmers a tip!”

I laughed. “A tip?”

“Yeah, a big tip! They work hard. I mean, like $20. Or… maybe more!”

moonique dairy farmers Ty Nadine Kriannmon

Farmers Ty and Nadine of Moo-nique Dairy
{Image Credit}
Kriannmon on Flickr

There you have it, folks. A child-sized explanation for the benefits of raw milk and the child-like appreciation for both the benefits and the people who make it possible.

The adults in our home are thankful for hard-working farmers, too.

Give those farmers a tip! They work hard.

Where to Find Raw Milk

We own a herd share from Moon-nique Dairy. Click here for more info on raw milk sources near you.




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