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Wish List Wednesday | Gardening Gadgets for Kids

Little Gardener 007Welcome to another Wish List Wednesday! This week Owen will begin sowing seeds for his 4’ x 6’ raised garden, located next to his swing set in the backyard. Last summer I enjoyed watching him pick and share fresh cucumbers with his friends in the neighborhood (and they all enjoyed it too)! This year he’s growing sunflowers, dragon egg cucumbers and a watermelon plant. Since now is a great time for little ones to start getting involved in the garden and pre-garden work, I thought it would be fun to do a Wish List Wednesday featuring tools and gadgets for kids. To make the list, I consulted my resident expert on kid-friendly gardening. Here’s what he came up with.

Watering Cans

Kid-Friendly Compost Bins

Garden Gloves

Harvest Baskets and Buckets

A Garden Border Fence (To Keep Pets Out)

Garden Boots

Garden Tools


Kid-Sized Wheelbarrow

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