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It's my most beautiful jar of broth so far!

It’s my most beautiful jar of broth so far!

We have two dogs on our farm: Marley the lovable mutt (2 years old) and Daisy the diva Jack Russell Terrier (10 years old). I shared a little about them – and how I almost had to turn them into sausage – in this blog post. Marley and Daisy are back for another dog-centered post about two seemingly unrelated things – chicken broth and dog food.

Here’s the scoop: In an earlier post I shared instructions for making your own chicken broth. We eat a roasted chicken at least once every two weeks, so every two weeks or so I make chicken broth from the carcass and vegetable pieces I’ve saved (in a bag in the freezer). In my original post I mentioned my plan to put the boiled veggie scraps into the compost after the broth has been made.

I did in fact put the veggies into the compost bin a couple of times but I discovered that my original plan was a wee bit unworkable. Why? Because you shouldn’t add meat to compost and the pulp leftover after making broth is a hot mess of meat, bones, carrots, onions, etc. Trying my best to separate out the meat and bones was way too much work. Several times I just ended up throwing the pulp away… which is too bad because it smells SO good and is completely edible.

Enter the dogs.

DSC03591 DSC03582

chicken broth pulp in blender

Looks great? No. Smells great? Yes! Dogs loved it!

I got to thinking… bones are good for dogs. And while I’ve heard that dogs shouldn’t eat cooked chicken bones because they’re brittle, I wondered if boiled bones might be safe for them. (Brittle chicken bones can breakdown into very sharp shards which can pierce your dog’s mouth, throat or intestines, causing a life-threatening emergency.) If nothing else, at least I could feed this stuff to the dogs.

After doing some research I determined that boiled bones should be safe. First of all, they are quite soft and since the danger comes from brittle bones, it seemed like a no-brainer. (Dogs are fine to eat soft raw chicken bones.) Second, I found this recipe book of canine crock pot recipes created by a Vet which says that they should be fine. (Haven’t read the whole thing yet… maybe it will find its way into future posts?!) But just to be sure, I ground everything up in the blender – bones and all! As I’m sure you can imagine, the dogs LOVED it! There was enough to feed Marley once and Daisy twice.

Guess who’s going to be looking forward to Broth Day from now on?

hungry dogs

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