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Wish List Wednesday | Garden Plant Markers

Welcome again to Wish List Wednesday! This month’s list is all about garden markers. I’m aching for spring so I wanted to find something garden-related, but of course it’s not quite time to work outdoors. These DIY garden markers are a great spring-is-almost-here project to work on while we wait for the last of the snow to melt.

Wine Bottles

I love this idea for many reasons. First, it’s a great way to recycle (reuse). Second, it could look really cute, especially with bottles that are fun colors! And third, your bottles could serve dual purposes by marking plants as well as watering them. A full wine bottle inserted upside down into the soil will provide on-demand water as plants use up what’s available in the soil. I plan to get a triple bang for my buck by purchasing sky vodka (pretty blue bottle) to use for making extracts. Here are some pictures to inspire you.

wine bottle garden marker basil

{Image Credit}
Prudent Baby

here comes the sun wine bottle plant marker waterer

{Image Credit}
Here Comes the Sun

{Image Credit}
Napa Style


Again with the wine…  This time we’re talking about corks and not bottles. These seem to be very popular in the world of DIY garden markers because the web is full of them. Here are a few of my favorites.

shine your light cork plant marker

{Image Credit}
Shine Your Light

magazine letter cork plant markers

Not the greatest picture in the world, but it gives you the idea.

cork flower plant marker

Aren’t these fun?

artsy vava fork cork plant marker

{Image Credit}
Artsy VaVa

Wooden (and Other) Spoons

Another popular DIY garden marker is the upcycled wooden spoon. I can’t decide if I prefer the minimalist version or the decked-out, colorful ones. Here are some samples; what do you think?

bright colored wooden spoons plant markers

{Image Credit}
emmi grace and me


{Image Credit}
Nikki, In Stitches

painted image carrot wooden spoon plant marker

{Image Credit}
Lucys Garden

daisy chestnut silver spoon image plant markers

{Image Credit}

most beautiful gardens plant makers creative kids spoons

{Image Credit}
Most Beautiful Gardens

imprinted spoon garden markers

{Image Credit}
Vintage Garden Art

Rocks & Bricks

These markers can range from classy to whimsical. They also make a great craft project for kids. I think they’d be especially sweet in an herb garden or with shorter plants, but I’m not sure if I’d like them mixed in with bigger crops.

classy rock garden plant marker

{Image Credit}
The Neighborhood

painted rock garden plant marker living well on the cheap

{Image Credit}
Living Well on the Cheap

this old house brick plant markers

{Image Credit}
This Old House

finding my aloha garden marker plant rocks

{Image Credit}
Finding My Aloha


People can be so creative! Who would have thought to make plant markers like these… out of this stuff? These are some of my favorites.

wire garden word plant marker

{Image Credit}
Bop Power

craftinomicon toy dinosaur garden plant marker

{Image Credit}
The Craftinomicon

junk mama scrabble knife letter garden plant marker

{Image Credit}
Junk Mama

the green b hand painted pot garden plant marker

{Image Credit}
The Green B

this old house upside down pot plant garden marker

{Image Credit}
This Old house

meaningful mama kids bead project diy garden plant marker craft

{Image Credit}
Meaningful Mama

garden plant marker from juice can lid

{Image Credit}
Notes from the HeartlandThese garden markers are made from the recycled lids of concentrated juice containers.

bright colored clothes pin plant makers

{Image Credit}
Sugar & Paint

Clothes pin plant marker

{Image Credit}
Stacey Shintani

bottle caps diy garden plant markers

{Image Credit}
JEllie Caps

all-weather plastic recycled milk jug garden plant maker

This is ultimate recycling!

art in red wagons pineapple can lid recycled plant diy garden marker

{Image Credit}
Art in Red Wagons


Using garden stakes to mark plants is pretty standard, but these ideas kick the ol’ stake up a style notch.

cute painted garden plant marker stakes

{Image Credit}
MaryBeth Rogers

42things rustic twig stick garden plant marker stake

{Image Credit}
42 Things

ehow garden plant marker stake juice lid picture

{Image Credit}
Anna Roth

painted popsicle stick sign garden plant marker

{Image Credit}
onutmeg on Instagram

Seed Packets

Another great way to mark your plants is to use the packet of seeds from which they came. Here are some pretty (and sometimes weather-proof) ways to use your seed packets on display in the garden.

the microgardener garden plant marker seed packet jar stake

{Image Credit}
Martha Stewart

creekside learning seed packet plant markers

{Image Credit}
Creekside Learning

picture frame seed packet plant garden marker

Picture frames to hold your seed packets!

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