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As much as I am a fan of warm weather and green, growing things, I’m looking forward to celebrating Christmas with friends and family. Perhaps it’s a little early to be thinking seriously about next year’s garden. It is, however, the right season for giving! We’re giving away something that will hopefully bring some Christmas-time joy to the recipient (and maybe even a glimmer of warmer weather to come!)

We’re giving away a FREE, fully-customized garden plan including seeds ($80 value)! This would make an awesome Christmas gift for someone who is new to gardening and doesn’t have a clue where to begin. It would make an equally great gift for a gardening lover who’d like to try something new but needs some help getting started. Here’s how it works:

How It Works

  1. We contact the winner (phone or email) to ask some simple questions that will help us develop the customized plan.
  2. We do all the work ensuring that things like companion planting, crop rotation, succession planting and aesthetics are done right. If you have existing garden issues (poor soil, lack of sunlight, too much heat, limited space) we’ll address those things too.
  3. We’ll present a completely customized plan that tells you: When to start your seeds, how to start your seeds, when to transplant them and when you can expect a harvest.
  4. After we get your feedback and make any necessary adjustments, we’ll take care of mailing you all the seeds you need to get started.
  5. We’ll be available via phone or email for free consultation all throughout your 2014 gardening season in case you have any questions.

The giveaway is open worldwide to anyone, anywhere (although shipping fees apply outside the continental US)! The winner will get a gift certificate (with all the details) ready in time to give (or keep!) on Christmas Day. Everything you need to know about how to enter is shown in the PromoSimple app at the bottom of this page.

You can read here about the custom garden plan created for our friends Sara & Nick. Here’s what Sara had to say about their experience:

“My garden was well organized and produced more than ever! My favorite part of the custom garden plan was not having to worry about if the things I was planting next to the others would grow well. I also loved that the plan specified how much to plant in each space. Having a custom garden plan took away a lot of the guesswork for an inexperienced gardener like myself. It was absolutely great!”

This promotion has ended.

If you’re still interested in getting a Custom Garden Plan, you can get one by clicking here.

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