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Wish List Wednesday |Crafts I Wish I Had Time to Make

homemade giftsIt’s been a while since I’ve created a Wish List Wednesday post. In the spirit of things that are long overdue, this month’s WLW post features homemade crafts and gifts I wish I had time to make. These things are so cool! They’d make great gifts for Christmas… you know… if I had time to make them.

On Friday I’m going to be back to share a Christmas craft that I did make time to create. Meanwhile, feast your creative peepers on these…

Note: None of these photos belong to me. I have however linked back to the original source for all of them. Click on the image for more info!

Bacon Jam

Really all I need to say is “bacon” and that should be explanation enough. But just to be thorough, I’ll elaborate. This is a savory little gem of a spread that can be eaten on bread or crackers as an appetizer. There are two versions: The slow cooker version and I-really-don’t-have-time-for-that version. They have slightly different ingredients. Someday I’ll experiment with the long-version ingredients in the slow-cooker style… you know… when I have time.

bacon jam

ABC I Love You Print

It was love at first sight! As soon as I espied this on Pinterest I knew I wanted to make one someday. Seems pretty straight-forward and it would be a great piece of décor for the bedroom we have set up for foster children. This Etsy version is an instant download for $3! (I might have time for this one…)

abc i love you print

Homemade Coffee Syrups

I adore the smell of coffee, though I’m not a huge fan of the taste. I do, however, enjoy what I call “fru-fru coffee.” Basically, lattes dripping with syrupy-sweetness. At home my substitute has been cream, pure maple syrup and coffee. Tastes great and is more natural. All the same, I’d love to save an arm and a leg to make my own fru-fru coffee at home when maple simply doesn’t fit the bill.

homemade coffee syrup

Dried Herb Sachets

Sweet smelling lavender. Soothing jasmine. Christmas-y peppermint. Spicy cinnamon. Who wouldn’t love open a drawer or cupboard and smell their favorite natural scent wafting out? And they’re so pretty to look at. What a great stocking stuffer idea!

Dried Herb Sachets

Foodie Face Plates

You shouldn’t play with your food. Really. Buuuutttt if you do play with your food, you should have one of these. I like to imagine that this would be a good (or at least helpful) way to get kids interested in new foods.

foodie face plate

“Open When” Notes

Owen would enjoy these. I think they’d also make a great gift for an adult – perhaps as a stocking stuffer, a Valentine’s Day gift or an anniversary memento. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy a thoughtful pick-me up “when” needed?

open when notes

Lemon Honey Lollipops

Cute. Simple. Fun.

lemon honey lollipops

Tea Packet Wreath

How fun is this? A tea packet wreath. You could use it as a sampler gift, select teas with a certain theme or use it as a countdown.

tea packet wreath

Homemade Spice Rubs & Seasonings

I make my own cocoa mix and taco seasoning from scratch. Every time I need to use some I think “Why don’t I just make a large batch to use as-needed?” I’ve finally stored away a good amount of taco seasoning, but it would be great to do more. What’s more, I’d love to experiment with other people’s recipes for grilling spices and rubs. Of the recipes I’ve looked at recently, I’m most interested in trying some of these.

grilling spice rubs

Song Lyric Art

I like words. And my walls, in many places, are bare. This is the perfect solution.

lyrics artwork

Crocheted Mug Warmers

I don’t crochet. These sweet little things might change all of that. Who needs a sweater for your dog when you can cozy up your tea/coffee cup? I really like the ones made for disposable cups as well (click here for an image and tutorial). I like the idea of making a different color for each person in the family so we can mark and reuse our cups for an entire day instead of using 36,000 of them in the 14-16 hours we’re awake.

crocheted mug warmer

Hand-Sewn Pillows

When I was a wee little lass I used to create little pillows with my brother and my aunt. Lately (like… the last three years…) I’ve had the urge to create something simple but super cute. (Like one of the pillows below). I should really get on that…

chevron pillow

Painted Pillow Circle

Painted Square Pillow

monogramed pillows

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