The Carrots are coming! The Carrots are coming!


Arcadia Farms' carrots don't look quite like this...


On April 7 of 1775, Paul Revere embarked on his famous ‘midnight ride’ to warn the American Colonial Minute Men that their enemy, the British, were coming. (“The British are coming! The British are coming!”) On June 7 of 2012, Katie Shank sent you this slightly less revolutionary message to let you  know that the carrots are coming. They’re not your enemy… but they do require some manner of warning.

For spring, we planted two varieties of carrots: Little Finger (short, stubby carrots) and Carnival (a variety of colors). The pictures on the seed packets are beautiful. The sight of the actual carrots is a little less mesmerizing. In fact, the Little Finger carrots look a little more like aliens than carrots and the Carnival variety have some interesting bends and twists. These carrots look a lot different than any you’ll find at the store… but I think you’ll find that despite their strange appearance, they taste just as good if not better than anything you’ll find in your local produce section.

So brace yourself – “The Carrots are coming!” They’ll be here in next week’s (and possibly the following week’s) shares.

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