Canning Labels with Style


limeshot printable canning jar labelsOne of the Locavore90 Commitments our family made was to preserve at least two in-season produce items in June, July and August. So far we’ve made jelly from violets, frozen asparagus, made strawberry jam, frozen some strawberries and canned cherries. None of these preserving adventures have amounted to large quantities (usually 4-6 jars at a time) but if we keep this up, I know our tummies (and wallets) will be happy when the weather turns cool! Though someday I’d love to be savvy enough to preserve gobs and gobs of in-season produce, I’m quite proud of myself (and my family) for taking on the challenge of preserving what we can this year.

In the midst of all that pride, there is one tiny thread of shame I must that compels me to make a confession – I’m horrible at labeling. Honestly, I think the asparagus is the only item that has the contents and date written on the packaging. None of my jars are labeled at all. This is unwise – and a bad practice to get into if our goals is to become a family that shops more in the pantry than the grocery store!

My shame lead me here:

Hundreds (maybe thousands?) of options for personalized canning labels. These are super cute!

Free Labels

If paying 35 cents per label isn’t your speed, check out these free printable labels instead:

Limshot Free Printable Mason Jar Labels

Compilation of Free Canning Label Resources at

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