DSC04669Oh my.

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a blog post.

As you can imagine summer time is a busy time for farming and market-gardening. There has been SO much going on – great, homesteading things I’d like to share with you and great, local-food things I’d like to share with you – but I simply haven’t been able to make the time. Next week I’ve carved out time to chronicle all of it – especially local sources for things like peaches and info on where we bought our blueberries ($1/pound!).

So for tonight here’s just a tiny little tid bit about what I’ve been up to.

We have a small blackberry patch. The berries are trellised on a four-foot fence at the back of the “backyard”. The canes probably span about twenty feet of that fence and this year they’ve borne the largest blackberries we’ve had since we moved here. And compared to last year (think drought) the yield has been pretty amazing too.

I keep wandering by thinking “I really need to pick those soon.”

I’ve sample a few and they keep getting better with time.

Today I picked all of the ripe ones I could find and, to my delight, most of them were so ripe that they basically melted off. So ripe that they almost taste like pears. And the best part? There are still tons of red berries left just waiting to ripen!

I guess I’m glad I waited!

Now… what to do with these berries? For tonight, they’re heading to the freezer until I decide.

What would you do with fresh blackberries?

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