Being Stretched


Hello Friends:

For a year now I’ve been sharing thoughts and tips and anecdotes about sustainable living in the suburbs. I’m all about giving an honest peek into what I’m doing – what’s working, what’s not and what I’ve learned. In some areas, I’ve also given you a peek into my personal life. But for the most part, I’ve reserved more intimate details about myself and my family for lots of great reasons. (I’d point out all of the things you know about other bloggers that I’ve purposely withheld, but then those of you who are super curious AND internet sleuths will be inclined to start digging!) All of that amounts to the realization that what I’m about to share with you is uncharacteristically intimate.

Our family recently became licensed to provide foster care to children in need. The licensing process has been (almost comically) long and filled with several wild bumps along the way. Despite the bumpy road to where we are, we’ve arrived not only at being licensed, but also to actually providing foster care. I knew that being a foster mom would be difficult and demanding, but I did not expect the depth of emotional draining that would occur. The timing of when we began providing foster care was full of inconveniences (couldn’t have happened at a more inconvenient time) which has resulted in me being very physically and mentally drained by the (very late) end of each day. It also means that all of the free time I previously used for blogging is – at least for now – unavailable.

Why am I sharing this with you? Because, to make this sustainable life of mine… sustainable… something has to give during this particular season. Our first CSA deliveries are only a couple of weeks away and there are many chores to do outside. Being a mom and a wife is top priority, and my ability to do those things well hinges on guarding and nurturing my own health. I can handle being stretched each day but am unswervingly aware that it is important for me to take time to be refreshed when the day is over if the stretching of  the next day is to be handled with grace. (You can’t give what you don’t have, right?) As much as I love this blog and what it means to Arcadia Farms, I realize that it is the thing that must ‘give.’ It takes a lot of focus and creativity to make this blog tick, and frankly, I find myself needing to apply all I have of these virtues to family life in this season. You have been such great, faithful readers and as this blog’s following has grown, I feel indebted to share my situation with you in advance rather than just disappearing with no explanation.

I’ll still be blogging! Lately I’ve been churning out at least three, sometimes four, posts per week. Now we’re looking at hopefully one post a week (maybe two if I’m lucky!). I make no promises. I’m still focused on Locavore90 and when June rolls around, those posts will still happen as promised. But for at least the next two weeks, I’m going to be on a bit of an unplanned blogging hiatus. Don’t bail on me! I hope you won’t think of me as becoming ‘boring’ or ‘stale’… think of it more as additional proof that I’m committed to living a healthy life.

I know I'm filled to be emptied againI mentioned above that our first foster care placement occurred at the most inconvenient time possible. (If I told you the details, you’d get it.) And I mentioned that because of the timing it has been physically and mentally draining. Those two things are true, to be sure. However, I’ve discovered a  pattern that difference-making and convenience are rarely related. It has already been a very rewarding experience! Already I see how our family is stronger for it, and I hope and pray that the love and care we are providing will make a lasting, lifting impression on a certain young person we’ve already grown to care for deeply and whose family has our prayers. My words are meant to be an honest reflection of how stretched I feel, but they are not words of complaint.

Some things are well worth being stretched. This is one.

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