Is Hugelkultur Sustainable?

We recently incorporated several large hugelkultur beds into our market garden. For those who have not yet heard about hugelkultur, you can learn more about the how and why of this gardening practice in my original hugelkultur post. In short, hugelkultur is a German term that roughly translates to “mound culture”. The hugelkultur gardening method has been used in Eastern Europe for centuries and is essentially a sheet-composting method that involves burying woody debris (logs, branches, sticks) and other organic […]

Update: Hugelkultur on a Micro-Farm

Christmas is one week from today… but I’m still digging in dirt! Ever since the end of our CSA season I’ve been planning to double the size of our garden for 2013. The initial plan was to tackle this in the spring with a day full of volunteer help and free food! But then I learned about a new-to-me gardening method that requires a significant amount of fall preparation to be ready by spring – hugelkultur. Hugelkultur is a German […]

Hugelkultur on a Micro-Farm

NOTE: For an update on our adventures in Hugelkultur, click here.   If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know that we’re planning to double the size of our market garden this coming spring. The plan was to have one or two volunteer days in the spring where we can build raised bed frames, move compost from the front of the house to the beds and put up the fence. Might sound like a lot of work […]

Hugelkutur Update Spring 2014

We’ve had strange weather this spring. It began with a sticatto pattern of unseasonably cold, rainy days (one or two)  followed abruptly by one or two unseasonably hot, dry days. As spring has morphed into early summer those rainy patches  have both  warmed and elongated. Now that the rain comes with warm weather, I don’t mind it so much because the plants love it and I don’t have to worry about irrigation. However, there have been several occasions recently when […]

What’s Going Well & What’s Not-So-Swell

Spring is a busy time for farmers – even micro-farmers! We’ve got a lot going on around our homestead and in our lives in general. There are several fun projects I’m eager to work on and share with you, but for now my number one priority is getting plants and seeds into the ground. (Followed closely by the priority to make sure all those plants and seeds have their initial needs met so I don’t lose them!) Those fun projects […]

Photo Update Spring 2014

Wow! Our recent weather in West Michigan has been fabulous gardening weather. Several warm, sunny days with intermittent rain. Not enough rain to keep you indoors all day, but just enough to keep me from needing the sprinkler more than once. I’m so thankful! During this previous winter I realized that I simply didn’t take enough pictures of the farm in 2013. To remedy that in 2014 I plan to, at a minimum, take photos for a spring, summer and […]

New Reader?

Hey there – have we met? If you stumbled upon our website by accident (or even if you came here intentionally) and you’d like to know more about who we are and what we do, you’ve come to the right place! Check out the links below to satisfy your curiosity. (And if you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can always email Who are you and what is Arcadia Farms? So glad you asked! Our Story What Now? […]

7 Reasons to Appreciate Winter

I’m a Michigan girl, which means not only am I used to four seasons but dramatic, often vacillating transitions between those seasons. In the spring and fall it is not uncommon to have sunny, 80-degree weather and windy, perhaps rainy 40-degree weather shortly after (sometimes in the same day). Until recently, I always remember winter being abysmally cold and sustained with ample snow. The last few winters in Michigan have been very mild, even if they were sprinkled by some […]

Planting Fruit Trees in Fall

Spring is always a busy and exciting time for gardeners. I’m no exception. Logically I spent a lot of time in the garden this spring, planting, prepping and simply enjoying the sights and sounds of nature waking up from her winter nap. One of the things I enjoy most about preparing the spring garden is the sight and smell of our neighbor’s apple tree. Apple blossoms are some of my favorite flowers! This spring, for the first time ever, as […]

Poultry Personnel

Despite being someone who likes to plan, I’ve developed this trend during the last several years of my life where I put things off until the last minute. Getting my garden ready for fall (and really, winter and spring) has sadly been no different. Last fall I was able to invest lots of time in the garden while Owen was at school. This year we’re blessed to have a precious 2-year-old foster child with us so my time in the […]